A Non-Profit Company under Section-8 (1) of the Companies Act, 2013, Compass Foundation for Academic Research and Networking, based at Calicut University, is a coveted platform for the students, researchers, and active learners.


Our Media Gallery includes audio , video , and images of a number of events including seminars, public talks, table talks, workshops, etc.



An interaction with Prof. Amy Ruth Catlin (USA)

Compass Foundation organised an academic interaction with Prof. Amy Catlin-Jairazbhoy of the Department of Ethnomusicology, University of California and Los Angeles with collaboration of Chair for Islamic Studies and Research (CISR). The programme, titled “Muslims and Music in Malabar: An Ethnomusicology of Mappila Songs”, was conducted at the Library Hall in the Chair for Islamic Studies and …

Lecture Series on Islamic Philosphy

Compass in association with Chair for Islamic Studies and Research conducted 5 Days Lecture Series on Islamic Philosophy. This Series is intended to introduce undergraduate level students to the major issues, figures, and texts of Islamic philosophy. Through the history and subject matters of Islamic philosophy, this program aims to familiarize the students with the historical development as well as …