Certificate in Qur’anic Arabic (Grammar & Translation)



This programme aims to bridge the existing gap between the traditional and contemporary scholarship in Islamic Studies. By providing an opportunity to learn the language of Arabic from its basics, this programme intends to make the students capable of exploring the rich and waste resources available in this language.


Teaching the language of Arabic in such a way that the learner would become able to read and understand the classical Arabic texts and the verses of the holy Qur’an.


  • Learning the basics of Arabic grammar
  • Understanding the structure and style of Arabic sentences
  • Read and translate Classical Arabic texts
  • Memorizing important and repeatedly used vocabularies
  • Improve reading, writing, and translation skills



  • Nominal Sentences
  • Feminine Gender, Dual and plural
  • Construct and Genitive
  • Preposition and Personal Pronoun
  • Perfect Tense, Verbal Sentence
  • Accusative Noun & Pronoun
  • Passive Perfect, Negative and Interrogative sentences
  • Dual and Plural Accusative and Genitive
  • إنَّ and its Sister words
  • Adjective, Which and How Many
  • Demonstratives, Adverbs of Time and Place
  • Imperfect Tense
  • Passive Imperfect, Agreement between Subject and verb
  • Imperative and Vocative
  • The Jussive and the Subjunctive
  • Energetic Imperfect, Negative with “ma” and “la”
  • Verbs “kana” and “laysa”
  • Derived Verbs


  • Levels and Units

The contents are grouped into four levels.  Each level has four units, making a total of 16 units in the course. Each unit, normally, deals with two or three important grammatical points.

The description of the grammar is made in comparison to that of English. Vocabularies and Translations are also provided in English.

  • Learning Hours

One unit takes 2 Hours for Discussion and 2 Hours for Exercise. If the duration of one session is 2 hours, then 1 unit requires 2 sessions. If there are 2 sessions in a week, then1 level (four units) would be completed in one month. The total course – four levels- would be finished in Four months.



The students shall be provided with a basic reading material prior to the classroom discussion. The major grammatical points mentioned in the reading would be discussed in the classroom with examples from Classical texts and Qur’an.

After the discussion on grammar, the students shall be given a bundle of exercises, which would include translation of passages from Arabic to English and vice-versa. Exercises would be finished in the classroom itself. There will be no Home works.


Apart from the exercises followed after each unit, there shall be a Review Exercise after each Level of the course. This review Exercises would give a picture as to how much of the previous units have been clearly understood by the students. Accordingly, before starting the next level, a further explanation on the necessary topics would be provided.

After completing the fours level, there shall be Test paper to evaluate the students. This will be the final evaluation. The mark/grade obtained in this Test paper shall be mentioned in the course certificate.