Conducting events to promote interaction among all layers and generations involved in seeking, producing and disseminating knowledge is one of the main activity of COMPASS. So far it has conducted a number of academic events to actualise this mission

one day study camp on coherence of Quruan 20th November 2016 Decolonial Feminism Exploring Religion as methodolgy 30 th october 2016 6-1-2015 Academic Interaction 22-5-2016 (1) Research schlars get together 19-6-2016 Modernity and Being;Towards an Islamic theology of time 15-8-2015 Indian Art 7-3-2015 IbnAlArab World-1 academic-interaction epistemology-gazzali macro-malabar religion-and-community articulating-islamophobia modernity-and-being revisiting-foucalt sukoon muslim-thought